Ottawa - Cool Kids Craft Show Christmas Sale

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House of TARG
1077 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3W9

♥ ♥ ♥ List of Vendors ♥ ♥ ♥

Benjamin Woodyard - pottery, t-shirts, zines and prints

Cloud Forest Coffee - coffee by the cup and coffee beans

Deirdre Sokolowska (Sister Rabbit) - silk screened patches, embroidery and zines

Brttany Neron- knitted accessories, zines and framed cross stitching

Tina Faucher - original artwork and prints

Clay Pigeon - pottery

Victorya/Reggie - knitted accessories, embroidery and zines

Kaylie Seaver -original artwork and embroidery

Melissa Blackman - prints and shirts

Joshua Koss - metal work

Dean Morris - guitar pedals

Alyssa Iswolsky - used and vintage clothing

Tristan V-K (After Sunset Club) - used and vintage clothing

Gabrielle Giguere - used and vintage clothing

Hailey Fiegehen - tarot card readings

Fen - hand painted shirts and christmas cards

Heather Montgomery (Anxiety Slug) - embroidery, patches, and lingerie

Ryan Smeeton - wood work

Ian Lee - original artwork

Edith Chartier (Silver Lotus) - jewelry

Have a good one,
- Deirdre

******NO COVER******